Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hell Bombs for Christmas

Hell Bombs

Invisible States | Myspace Music Videos

Hey! It's still Christmas time! I just discovered a video for the Invisible States song "Hell Bombs"! In case you're unfamiliar, this is a solo project Of Haydee Thompson's. Haydee's has sung and / or played keyboards in more bands than I can probably name off the top of my head...but here goes: Three Chicks & A Jew, Squatweiler, Angramainyu, All Astronauts, Skull & Bones Harmony Song, Tetragrammaton, and all those I'm forgetting. You can also hear her on the Golden Dawn track featured on the Krankies Winter 2010 compilation, if you're wanting to help support the local scene and get into the Christmas spirit.

Oh! And you can also watch Haydee perform the song live on the Psychic Revolution tour here:

Hell bombs

Invisible States | Myspace Music Videos

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Krankies Winter 2010 Compilation

Wow! It's been a long time since I blogged here, but I think about it all the time. It's not that I'm being slack, it's that I'm still working on finishing rooms in my house...while I'm living in it (yuck).  So you may be wondering what could possibly interrupt my progress and make me blog today.  Well, if you don't already know, Krankies has released  a Winter 2010 Compilation, which is now available for purchase @ Krankies. It features 18 local WSNC bands, and  half the proceeds go to Arts For Life!
 Not only did I have to make sure to promote this fabulous recording, but I thought I'd add some history and a little more.

Back in 2005, local restaurant Mary's Of Course couldn't afford to pay the $900 to BMFI, ASSCAP and other sundry extortionists, to be allowed to play music in their cafe. So, a plan was developed to play ONLY local musicians who's material wasn't registered with any publishing company and who wanted to help MOC. As you might imagine, when Christmas rolled around that year there was some concern. An attempt was made to put together a compilation of all local artists doing Holiday songs. Heck, Raleigh has been doing it for years with their Have a Holly Raleigh Christmas series. However, in this case there wasn't enough knowledge, experience or resources to make it happen. But, in the effort, two songs were created that have never been released! These are not affiliated with the actual Krankies Winter 2010 Compilation. They were not mastered by Ryan Pritz. They do not reflect the recording quality or any of the other tireless effort that went into producing that excellent and long overdue compilation. They are merely an historical appetizer perhaps, to get you in the mood to go out and get the amazing Krankies Winter 2010 Compilation!  For more info on that you simply must go to Phuzz Media

The Christmas 2005 Addendum:
Jahdai Jeffries (with Eric Glenn) - "Santa's On The Bridge"
Sambson - "Christmas Chimes 2005"
are (HERE).

Merry Christmas!