Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rah' Beefalips: Intergalactic Man of Mystery

Rah Beefalips (known on his home planet as Rob E. Philips) is admittedly one of the more interesting characters associated with The Wherehouse. His contributions to the mental landscape of the place kept things closer to the surreal than the real. One of Rah's most endearing ideas, was putting large, red, hardback journals in the coffeeshop for people to doodle, journal and create in. These journals were a mainstay of Krankies for many years, and may have inspired some of the strange material on this disc. This set is one of the mystery recordings that Rah left lying around the building for further confusion. These three tracks display a small measure of the strange infectious humor Rah was capable of, as he gets further into his status as an intergalactic diplomat and stand-up comedian. I particularly enjoy the old vinyl atmosphere on the first track, since this was only ever released on compact disc. This is 'clean' by Rah standards, but the rest of us should probably download this only if we don't mind the 'A' word, the 'F' word, the 'V' word, the 'P' word or the 'A-hole' word.


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