Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crazy Neil & Young Horse - Loose Again

Crazy Neil & Young Horse is a 2010 Wherehouse Halloween Party cover band that reunioned for the Capricorn Party @ The Garage, January 14, 2011. The group features Winston Salem's own Brian Doub (as Neil), Jay Dunbar (as Poncho Sampedro), Eric Jackson (as Billy Talbot), Ryan Pritts (as Ralph Molin) and Susan Snow (as a Nicolette Larson style singer). It was a costumed Capricorn Party, which explains why Susan is dressed as Dolly Parton. Jay Dunbar, Brian Doub and Eric Jackson are all currently in Cakes Of Light; who I hope to be profiling here very soon.

There may be a little off-key singing from where I was positioned, but what the hell; it's Rock & Roll right? BTW. Ryan dedicates "Lookin' For A Love" to Jelaina.

...and finally...

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  1. My god, I like Neil Young and Crazy Horse well enough, but I find Brian, Jay, Eric, and Ryan's versions of these songs to be far more enjoyable. Brian just rips it continuously!!