Thursday, September 10, 2009

California meets Carolina through Hendee, Dyar & Jackson

Eric Jackson & Will Dyar - Presence Control (2001)
1. Presence Control 9:40

The soundscape by Eric Jackson and Will Dyar titled "Presence Control", was created at artist Stephen Hendee's request for his art intallation at The Laguna Art Museum in California. Being from California himself Stephen chose earthquakes as the theme, and asked for a musical soundtrack for accompaniment. In the end, what was delivered was a sound collage of numerous tracks laid atop and conjoining one another. The source materials for "Presence Control" were field recordings from around North Carolina; of the train at The Werehouse, from the woods at Jeff Foster's house, water from the banks of the Yadkin River, and pots and gongs at Mike Callahan's place at Moore's Wall. These were captured on Mark Linga's borrowed DAT machine with a stereo mic, then looped and mixed throughout the fall of 2000.

Stephen Hendee's "Presence Control" appeared January 21 – July 8, 2001 at the Laguna Art Museum. Hendee’s site-specific constructions are built out of foamboard, wood supports, tape, and fluorescent lights. They are glowing, tunnel-like, room-size installations that exist somewhere between outer, mathematical or electronic space, or even intestinal space, if the body in question were an android. (curated by Tyler Stallings)

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