Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rho your Zenta one Iota across the Omicron

Sambson - Core To Harmonization (2004)

1. Alphagion
2. Betaric
3. Gammallah
4. Deltadaross
5. Epsilonifon
6. Zetarus
7. Etabo
8. Thetallus
9. Iotaprox
10. Kappaupa
11. Lambdadurion
12. Muklouten
13. Nuq
14. Xij
15. Omicronos
16. Rebirth Of The Ruthless Republic
Tracks #1-15: recorded solo in 2004 in one long improv
 from 1am until there was no more space on the
 disc. Burnt straight to CD with momentary pauses
 to contemplate.
Track #16: "Rebirth Of The Ruthless Republic" from 1998. 

100 years ago, the Italian Futurists attempted to expose the elements of noise within pure sound. They believed that noise was richer in harmonics than pure notes and contended that if audiences failed to understand this, they should be trained through concentrated listening to hear the musicality of noise and understand its emotional effect. There are a number of moments I cannot explain in this recording, as there are no overdubs. They are 'extra' notes that don't seem to belong to the guitar, but there they are. At low volume these notes sound like faint chimes or bells. At high volume they are piercing tones that go beyond the tone of the note played.

I don't know where creativity comes from. When something truly unique and wonderful is created it moves beyond this realm and into another. We don't own any words to describe this place. I dare say we never will. Perhaps magical will do. When I have been in this situation, it is as if I am no longer human, no longer me, no longer here. I am a funnel that music pours through. The beauty is not mine, nor the mistakes. Somehow this makes the mistakes seem beautiful too. I cannot own this thing; it is beyond me.  At this moment I am in love. I am a life. Perhaps you will feel the same.

The name of each of the 15 songs/pieces is based on a letter of the Greek alphabet. I picked the names of the 4 Greek letters I found most pleasing, and anagramed them. The result was, "Core To Harmonization".

The setup for this recording was an electric guitar (strat) through a practice amp (epiphone) with built in echo. This went through an old 5 channel mixer (radio shack). The guitar was stereo in 2 channels, and I made an additional channel looped back into itself. This channel produced feedback when turned up. This effect becomes evident in #8. My controls were; guitar volume, amp volume, mixer volume, feedback volume, echo, string tension, plectrum, screwdriver and vibrator. The vibrator becomes evident on #10 & 11.
Alternate anagrams:
Mohair Icon Tarot Zone
Aromatic Horizon Note
Coronation At Rhizome
Too Notarize Harmonic
Atom Horizon Reaction
Razor Tooth Mini Canoe
Motorize A Thin Racoon

Thanks to John F. Szwed for the Futurist info.

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