Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One of many 'Ground Zeroes'

Various Artists - Psychic Revolution Compilation (2003)

1. Hologram - Superficial 3:08
2. Embryonic Crusader - Fire 4:50
3. Invisible States - Still Making Music 2:51
4. Auto Pilot - Lethargy 2:17
5. Andy Freaking Mabe - She Believes In Me Now 3:01
6. Billy Gram - Stardust Mist 5:39
7. Flat Black - Tom's Got Problems 2:47
8. Tetragrammaton - Five-Sided Star 5:54
9. Praise The Beast - Leviathan Learns To Dance 1:52
10. Finks - Sentimental 3:40
11. Golden Dawn - Love Is A Giant Circle 0:28
12. J. Edgar Funeral - Live 3:18
13. Red Leader - #5 5:25
14. Ray Cathode - In The Morning 4:00
15. Odes - Angel On The Stairs 3:44
16. Moon And Star - Outro 3:18


This blog serves a single purpose; to make the music of the Wherehouse available. Or you might know it as The Werehouse, PS211 or even Krankies. In any case, perhaps the best place to start is several years into the whole thing. 
This is a compilation produced for the 2003 Psychic Revolution tour; wherein an old Greyhound bus was upfitted to run on discarded restaurant grease so a group of 14 people from the Wherehouse in Winston Salem, NC could tour to California and back. 

A series of events evolved from an idea born at the Wherehouse in Winston Salem, NC. Planning began on the fall equinox (September 23rd) of 2002 when the seeds of the grease bus odyssey, which became the Psychic Revolution tour were planted. The idea, known as the "Anagram Program", was based on a group of musicians who would change instruments and musical styles, along with the band name. Hologram was the Disco entity,  Billy Gram the country group, Pentagram the metal band, and so on. This concept was first executed in the Winter of 2002 during a trip to Baltimore, Maryland. The first show was at James, April & Neeley's loft andthe second show was set up by Chiara at Tarantulla Hill; the base of operations for Twig & Carly from Nautical Almanac. From the success of these events, a larger idea evolved in which the group of anagramic musicians would cross the country on the "Ronald Reagan Highschool" tour. This involved writing a musical to be set during Ronald Reagan's terms in office; with the anagram bands performing all the tunes.

Other people in the household had fully formed bands of their own with no connection to the "Anagram Program" that were soon incorporated into the grease bus tour. The Ronald Reagan Highschool musical idea was eventually dropped and replaced by a strategy of deciding which bands would play each night of the tour based on the show location, local crowd and surrounding atmosphere. A performance stage was built in the backlot of the Wherehouse where a promotional and fundraising event was held in the Summer of 2003, under the name Golgonooza. This disc was created for that event with leftover copies for selling on tour. In
September 2003 (one year from it's inception) the bus left town for a month, to return in time for the annual Wherehouse Halloween party.

Embryonic Crusader, Invisible States, Praise The Beast, Red Leader, Ray Cathode, Andy Freakin' Mabe and Moon And Star are all solo projects. Auto Pilot were new residents to the house at the time, eventually changing their lineup and name to Autopassion. Finks was comprised of two couples (at the time), one of which had a duo project named Flat Black, the other a duo called the Odes. Golden Dawn centered around yet another couple, with a rotating lineup of supporting players. J. Edgar Funeral was a project created for an art show, that intended to continue, but ended up being a one time only event.

Most of the people featured here went on the tour. Some people not featured here went instead. The 14 were: Ed Venard, Jason Mecum, Marty Rogers, Andy Mabe, Blake Tesh, Haydee Thompson, John Blackburn, Teresa Blackburn, Brian Doub, Liz Simmons, John Bryan, Brandon Bigelow, Gaby Cardal and Frank Eaton (who filmed the entire thing).


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