Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I just noticed that my Bell Brothers post is below the Crazee & Heaven and BEB on YouTube posts. Until I figure out a way to rearrange the posts, it looks like they'll be in chronological order based on when I started writing the draft; not by when I posted them. Until then, I'd watch the ARCHIVE list to the right of the page to see if there's anything new (since my newest posts aren't at the top of the page).

It also never occured to me that other people might not have visited a music blog before. The layout of this one involves a picture at the top of each post, followed by my ramblings, and then an address at the end; which is a different color than the text, is underlined and starts with "http:/somehitngorotherblahblah.." This address is what you click on to get a zip file full of music, text and photos. Clicking on it will take you to a 'hosting site' (for the zip files) like 4SHARED or RAPIDSHARE or MEGASHARE, or some such thing. The page will have the name of the zip file you want and a highlighted 'download' button. Click that and you will be on a page that says somehing like, "Your download will start in 44 seconds." After those seconds countdown a window will open that asks if you want to save the file. Click 'yes', or 'save'; as 'open' won't always do it. A similar window will open showing the file that's selected on your computer for downloads. It will be asking if you want to save the file 'there'. It might be your desktop, or a folder in your 'documents' or you can browse and choose a new file. After you make that decision click 'yes'. The file will transfer to your computer over the next few minutes. When it's done transferring, find the folder it's in and try doubleclicking it. On a MAC this should automatically engage an 'unzipping' program that will make a folder with your new music, text & pics in it. On a PC you may have to open your unzipping program, find the folder where the zip file is and ask it to 'extract'. Alrighty. Best of luck everyone; it's not half as hard or complicated as it sounds. Done once, it's very easy.

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